Chocolate Brownie Spelt Pancakes Recipe

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These chocolate brownie spelt pancakes sound rich, but they’re a whole grain breakfast with no refined sugar, featuring spelt flour and maple syrup.

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And now, the recipe. To use this whole grain flour, we worked up a healthy pancake recipe: these spelt pancakes made with 100% spelt flour. We wanted vegan pancakes to be something special, so we settled on a chocolate brownie spelt pancakes! They’re lightly sweet, made with maple syrup and cocoa powder. The resulting pancakes were so chewy and fugdy that we settled on the name “chocolate brownie”, though of course they’re not nearly as sweet as a brownie! Make sure to drizzle with maple syrup, since it adds a final twinge of sweetness. And the spelt flour? It adds a subtle, nutty flavor to these spelt pancakes that we loved. Spelt flour is fantastic for baking with whole grains since it can be subbed 50% to 100%, and has added nutritional value.

For the topping of these spelt pancakes, we added another specialty: coconut bacon. It’s simple to whip up directly before the pancakes, or make it a few days before and store it in the freezer. The smoky, salty, crunchy topping against the chewy pancakes is spot-on: but they’re nearly as good simply dotted with fresh raspberries and drizzled with maple syrup.

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