Welcome to Nina Holasek Memorial Shooting Gallery

East Riding, Virginia

Est. 1937, dedicated to the memory of an amazing woman, mother, huntress, teacher and matriarch.

A shooting range, school, and shop offering quality hunting equipment, training and certification programs, and shooting memberships.

Our shop stocks:

-firearms of all shapes and sizes
-safety equipment
-a full range of hunting and shooting clothing

Our classes:

Gun Licensure Training

Gun Safety 101

Women With Weapons Intensive

Shooting for Self Defense

Mastering the Art of Hunting

and more

Shooting memberships are available at both group and individual rates. Host your corporate event here!

Our Commitment to the Community:

We believe very strongly that we have a mission to educate and train community members about basic firearms skills. We are also proud to be supporters of the East Riding police department, as well as our local State Police branch.

In honor of Nina, we provide the following community services as part of our ongoing commitment to serving our neighbors:

-The 27th Annual Local Law Enforcement Charity Shootout fundraiser will take place again this year, to raise money for the local State Police barracks renovations, as well as the Public Defender Emergency Fund.

-Free and open to the public-firearm safety training sessions the first Saturday of every month.

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The Gallery is announcing a new safety initiative for 2016. In keeping with Nina’s mission to keep women and all Americans safe through firearm education and training, and in the light of the tragic shooting attacks we have seen increasing throughout the first part of this year, we are encouraging all shooters and gun owners to establish a safety regimen for storing firearms. Guns are a weapon–they can be a force for good or evil, and they must not be allowed to come into the wrong hands. It is also important for all community members to practice good gun storage safety no matter the political climate, to prevent accidents which can cause great harm, especially to children.

There will be free gun storage safety seminars June 30, July 17, and August 22 at the Gallery. Local law enforcement will be present to answer questions and provide advice, and we’ll be demonstrating some of the storage and safety equipment we sell to keep guns secure. Whether you’re a gun owner interested in our recommendations for lockboxes and gun safe reviews, or learning about safe storage as a concerned community member, there’s something for everyone.

Even if you already store guns in a secure location, and have a firm grasp of safety guidelines, you will still find much of the seminars interesting. We will be looking at smart gun technology, and some of the latest law enforcement techniques available to our brave local officers.